Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fire Escape Coffee House

Last night I volunteered for the first time with the high school youth group at our church.  Our church doesn't actually have a space for the middle or high school students to meet on-site (although we're hopefully going to be building on a space in the next couple of years), so for the time being, the youth meet off-site at an old renovated fire station, known as the Fire Escape.  On Friday nights, the high school students do a "coffee house."  I put that in quotations, because there was no actual coffee to be seen.  :)

However, there were about 25 high school kids, board games, basketball, and much fun.  I really enjoyed getting to know the kids.  They seem like a seriously awesome group of kids.  There were far more boys than girls (probably only 5 girls, the rest guys), and it kind of had the potential to be awkward, since everyone was just hanging out and I didn't have a defined role, so they could have been like, "who's this weird lady that just showed up?"  But they were very welcoming and introduced me around, and I got to sit and play board games with them and talk and laugh and get to know them.

As I was leaving, a couple of the kids were like, "You should come back."  So apparently I got the stamp of approval.  :)  Which is good, because this is a group that I'd really like to invest in.

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