Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Basket

In addition to making our own Thanksgiving this dinner this year, our family was able to provide dinner for another family in our community.  A wonderful teenager in our church organized an effort to put together hundreds of Thanksgiving baskets for families in need throughout the surrounding communities.  Our family decided that we could provide a meal, so we signed up to participate.  We were assigned a family of three that lived less than 10 minutes from us.

When I called to set up the delivery, it was quite apparent that the woman did not know that someone had signed her up to receive Thanksgiving dinner.  I felt like I was Ed McMahon, calling to tell her that she had won a million dollars.  She was literally speechless.

She had been planning on cooking Thanksgiving dinner herself, so all I had to do was buy the ingredients and delivery them to her.  However, it was her year to host her family.  So instead of shopping for three people, I was going to be shopping for 15.  This could have been overwhelming, but fortunately, our good friends Rob and Andrea had not signed up for a family but wanted to, so they jumped in with us.

Andrea and I went shopping together (we took our 8- and 9-year old daughters, thinking they would learn a lesson about gratitude.... but instead they acted like crazy people for the entire shopping trip.... bad move, moms).  We got everything the family needed for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  We delivered it to their house on the day before Thanksgiving in order to give them plenty of time to cook.  This was an awesome way to put service into action, and we will definitely do it again in future years!
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