Monday, December 29, 2014

Recipe: Potato, Avocado, and Mustard Cream

Potato, Avocado and Mustard Cream

This is the absolute perfect accompaniment to the Beef Kabob I described in my previous post.  The mustard cream in this recipe compliments the mustard glaze on kabob perfectly.  The meal in its entirety is so good that I have been known to chortle with glee as I eat it.  And that's not just me--we have served this meal to friends with no dietary restriction, and they have had very similar reactions.

So in this recipe, a heavenly mustard cream sauce is poured over a mashed potato, or a grilled avocado, or if you're feeling really decadent, both.

I originally found this recipe on Pinterest.  The Pinterest link took me to FoodGawker, which took me to the original source of the recipe, The Everyday Chef and Wife.  A note on this site: I totally want to read every post and gobble up every picture.  I love the writing, and the photography is both delicious and gorgeous.  However, since the recipes are not specifically gluten-free or corn-free, I'm a little afraid to let myself go down this rabbit hole until I have a firmly established cookbook of my own to drawn from.  But then.... then I will let myself play with and adapt some of these amazing recipes!!

Anyway.  You can find the original recipe (listed as Baked "Smashed" Potato & Grilled Avocado with Mustard Cream Sauce) here.  I LOVE the writing on this blog, so I recommend that you go read it instead of my cut-and-dried version.  But if you're looking for just the facts, here's my cookbook version (with all credit given to The Everyday Chef and Wife):

Bake potatoes in the oven (35-40 minutes at 350).

For avocado - heat grill pan on medium high heat with the ridges rubbed down with oil.  Once it's sizzling, place the cut and seeded avocado on the pan.  Let it grill for 3-5 minutes.

Mustard Cream Sauce:
* 1/2 cup cream
* 1 1/2 tsp dijon mustard
* 3 drops Frank's hot sauce
* salt and pepper to taste

A few notes from Amy:
Once, we were making this recipe at a friend's house, and she mistakenly put in sour cream instead of regular cream.  When we discovered the mistake, we decided to double the recipe and put in a half a cup of milk for the second half of the recipe.  It worked beautifully and tasted delicious.  So if you don't have cream on hand, this works as a substitution.  And trust me, you won't regret having double the cream sauce.

And that's the other thing I wanted to mention.  Once you make this sauce, you will not be able to stop eating it.  You will start dream up things to put it on.  Mustard cream sauce over plain rice?  Sure, sounds like a meal to me!  So chef beware.  :)

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