Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This past Sunday, I volunteered for the first time at Clarity, which is my church's Sunday night youth group for high school students.  While there are quite a few adult sponsors (adults that volunteer with the students), the only ones who happened to be present on this particular Sunday night were Mitch (the youth group leader employed by the church) and Kristen (his wife).... so I was in good hands for training purposes!

We started out by playing a fun game (El Presidente) that involved dividing into two teams and throwing balled up socks at each other, kind of like Dodgeball, except that your team wins when you hit the other team's Presidente, and of course your team must go to all extremes to defend  your Presidente, including throwing yourself in front of that individual.  Talk about an ice breaker!

Then we all settled onto a wide array of sagging couches and listened to a talk by Mitch.  This week's topic was drug addiction..... and judging by the kids' silence during the discussion portion that followed, I gather that maybe this was a bit heavier (or a bit closer to home) than some other topics have been.  But as an adult, and particularly an adult who has worked in high schools and seen the things that kids struggle with, I will say that every word out of Mitch's mouth was spot-on.  His talk was beautifully done, and the Scripture he used illustrated his points beautifully.

While I don't know any of the kids terribly well yet, I really like all of them that I've talked to so far, and I'm looking forward to getting to know them all better as I continue to attend events.

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