Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quilt for Mason

For my first "creative project," I decided to make a quilt for my nephew Mason.  I had actually intended to make him a quilt before he was born last March.... but, you know, the best of intentions don't always work out.  I decided to make it nice and big, so that he can use it for playing on the floor as a baby, but then he'll still be able to use it to sleep under or on the couch or whatever as he gets bigger.  I did it in all grays and yellows, since those are the colors of his room.  I took pictures of the materials as I picked them out and texted them to my sister Kristin for approval.  I got about 75% done with the project at home in November and then finished it up at Quilt Camp the first weekend in December.  The only thing that's NOT done is the longarm quilting for the back of it, but I have to send it away to a friend for that part (which is one of the many reasons that another one of my goals is to learn to longarm quilt), so from my end, at least, it's done.  While I can't officially send Mason home with it until it's longarmed, we showed it to him for Christmas and he seemed to approve.  :)

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