Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quilt for Reddy

My second creative project was very similar to my first.  I decided that if my first nephew got a quilt, my second nephew should get one too!  So I decided to stick with the same pattern but to use different colors.  For my nephew Reddy (Brian and Lakshmi's son), I used navy and gray to match his bedroom.  I was really excited to find fabrics that went with kind of a nautical theme, since they live in Santa Monica near the beach.  I'm using matching gray fabric to back both Mason and Reddy's quilts, so between the patterns and the backing, they kind of "match" (or at least coordinate) even though the colors and fabrics aren't the same--kind of special for the cousins, I thought.

We weren't able to see B&L's family for Christmas this year, but we FaceTimed with them and I was able to show them the quilt that way.  As soon as I get the longarming done, I'll be shipping it off to California!

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