Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tenth Avenue North

Over Christmas break, we traveled to visit my family in Peoria.  And while we were there, Tenth Avenue North played a free show at my parents' church.  Yes, FREE.  And we were lucky enough to attend.  It was AWESOME.  Shay went with us and loved it.  Although Shay and I did need earplugs to handle the awesome noise a mere 10 rows or less from the stage.  Soooooo cool and definitely worthy of the first of my four live musical performances.

Here's Dad, Shay, and me right before the concert started.  Ben took the picture.

This was my view of the stage, with no zoom.

Here's a zoomed view of the stage.

The lead singer came out into the crowd to talk and sing.  He was right across the aisle from us.  Here's a zoomed-in view.

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