Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Ever since we moved here, I've been meaning to volunteer at my daughters' elementary school library.  There have been a couple impediments to this, namely: time and boys.  Of the first, I have too little.  Of the second, I have too many.  :)

Really, it's just hard to find a time to go in and volunteer at the school when I don't have both Liam and Aiden in tow.  I've gone into Shay's classroom with both of them a few times, and it's Not Pretty.  Frankly, I'm not sure that I'd want me to volunteer.

But I am determined.  For one, I really miss working in a library and want to get back among the books.  For two, I want to be involved in my kids' school.  For three, I really like the woman who runs the media center (Mrs. True) and enjoy spending the time talking with and learning from her.  Fourth (to be totally selfish), I know that Mrs. True is retiring next year and I think it would be about perfect if I could get hired for that job.

So I think I have finally hit upon a way to make it work.  After much emailing back and forth with Mrs. True, we have determined that Mondays and Thursdays are the most helpful days for me to come in. Which is ideal, because Liam is in school those days.  So I can drop Liam at preschool and then head to the elementary school with Aiden in tow.  I was actually planning to get a sitter for Aiden, but Mrs. True said it was silly to spend money to volunteer, and since I don't have a lot of disposable income right now, I was happy to yield to that wisdom.

So the week before Christmas break, I tried this plan.  After dropping Liam at 9:00, we were able to get to the school, get checked in, and get to the library by about 9:30.  I set up Aiden with my "secret tablet" (meaning that I only break it out for very special occasions for the kids) and let him play til his heart's content.  I started in on the sizable project of weeding the collection of the books that had been handed down several years previously from the intermediate school which had closed.  Some of these books are still in decent condition and can be kept in the collection, but all need to be re-cataloged, which Mrs. True wants to do before she leaves.  In the two hours that I worked before lunch, I made it from A to E alphabetically.  (I also weeded books that were in bad condition and needed to be repaired.)

The whole thing worked successfully, and aside from an awkward moment when a fifth grade girl commented on how good Aiden was at playing Temple Run (um, he's 2), I'm not sure Aiden even noticed that there were people around him.  :)  So I think we've now got a working prototype and I'll hopefully be going in once a week!

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  1. That's great! Sounds like a perfect fit! That's nice that they give you the option of bringing in younger siblings. They aren't allowed at all at Michael's school. It does make it difficult to be a regular volunteer.