Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Colorado: July 17, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben in the summer of 2003....

Day 10--Tuesday, June 17, 2003

After finishing off South Dakota and cutting the corner of Nebraska, we entered Wyoming.  This proved to be a long drive with very few cities.  When we finally entered Cheyenne, the capital, we tried to find somewhere to get an oil change.  After searching for almost an hour, we gave up and got back on the interstate.  We tried again in Fort Collins, Colorado.  By that point, it was almost 7:00, and all of the oil change places were closed.  We did, however, find a Walmart, where we got the pictures from the digital camera transferred to a CD.  We sat onside on a bench and read our books while this process was occurring.  During this time, big black clouds came rolling in and the thunder started up again.  "It rains too much in this place," Ben said.  "What, Colorado?" I asked.  "No, the West," he said.

We made it back to the car just as the raindrops started falling.  This storm followed us for hours and hours.  By the time we made it to Estes Park, it was pitch black outside and there were at least six inches of standing water on the road.  We admitted defeat as to the idea of cooking dinner at the campsite and indulged in some Taco Bell for dinner.

We then began what seemed like an endless drive up the Rocky Mountains to our campsite.  We took curve after curve in the dark and the rain, and I have to admit that I was pretty scared by the whole experience.  We reached Glacier Basin campgrounds around 11:00 and found our campsite ourselves, since the workers were long since gone.  We set up our tent on a nice dry gravel bed using the headlights of the Jeep to see, and I know that I was fast asleep moments after my head finally hit the pillow.

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