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Washington: June 23, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben in the summer of 2003....

Day 16--Monday, June 23, 2003

I woke up slightly before 8:00.  I could still feel the effects of the previous day's adventures, but 10 hours of sleep can cure most things.  I showered and got ready in the dark and then woke up Ben.  While he showered, I went to the lobby and got breakfast for both of us.  We ate it while watching cartoons and writing postcards, and then we were on the road again.  Destination: Seattle.

So we drove and drove and drove....

And eventually arrived at the Vasa Park Resort outside Seattle.  There were two huge picnic parties going on and we were at first concerned that we had come to the wrong place, but a very nice lady and her husband, who ran the place, assured us that we were in the right place and fixed us up with our site and some maps and driving directions for Seattle.

After setting up our tent, we changed into our suits and headed down to the lake to go swimming.  There were tons of kids from the picnics running around, plus the water was freezing, so I was pretty hesitant to get in.  Ben, however, dove right in and began splashing around.  I eventually lowered myself in, taking great pains not to get my hair wet because I didn't want to sleep all night with wet hair.  We swam over to an area near shore where some ducks were paddling around.  Ben proceeded to swim after them while chanting "duck duck duck duck duck" and trying to "play" with them.  They all quickly swam away!

When we got back to the campsite, we realized that we had a guest.  We had left our bag of bread sitting out on the table, and it now had a hole in it, plus there were bread crumbs all over the table.  We originally thought that one of the ducks came to visit, but we later discovered that it was the work of some little brown birds!

We had a good dinner of pizza pot pies.  When our regular ingredients ran out, we used spaghetti sauce in place of pizza sauce and peeled some string cheese for the insides.  We spent some time observing the people at the next campsite--two parents and two late-teen/early-20s kids all sharing a tent the size of ours!

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