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California: July 3, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben in the summer of 2003....

Day 26--Thursday, July 3, 2003

I began my day with a poopy-smelling shower--which I believe was mostly due to the person in the toilet stall next to my shower room, since when they left, the smell did improve somewhat.  Not a very pleasant way to star the day, especially since Ben's alarm clock had gone off rather earlier than expected, and I, of course, do not deal well with missing out on sleep.

When we got on the road, we wasted some time attempting to get to La Jolla for snorkeling.  I say "attempting" because our efforts were rather blocked by lack of directions, road construction, and traffic jams.  We eventually gave up on that and headed for the San Diego Zoo.

It was a hot day, amplified by the desert-like conditions in which many of the animals live.  We took a water bottle with us and stopped often to drink and rest.  My sunburn from the day before was aching something fierce, making me especially susceptible to the sun.  We saw all varieties of animals, some familiar and some completely unknown to either of us.  Here's the basic rundown: koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, camels, meerkats, bongos and pigs (at the Hoof and Horn Mesa), giraffes, gazelles, deer, zebras, takins, polar bears, birds of prey, monkeys, otters, hippos, and large cats along "Tiger River."

After this immense amount of walking and viewing, we felt quite justified in treating ourselves to a good lunch.  We got nachos supreme as an appetizer and then split two sandwiches, a "California BLT," which included sprouts and guacamole, and an excellent sausage sandwich.  After our much-needed rest, we explored the reptile house, caught the tail-end (no pun intended!) of the sea lion show, and then checked out the tortoises, iguanas, and elephants. By that point, my feet definitely felt as if they were not going to be able to carry me back to the car, but somehow or other, we navigated the parking lot and departed for our next adventure.

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