Thursday, September 22, 2016

Louisiana: July 11, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben during the summer of 2003....

Day 35--Friday, July 11

I woke for the final time around 8:00 and took a long, cold shower.  I barely made it back to the campsite before another cloudburst.  This pretty much cemented my growing hatred of New Orleans.  I climbed back in the car, cleaned up as best I could, and entered some receipts onto our notepad while waiting out the storm.

When it slowed to a drizzle, I checked on Ben, since I hadn't seen any signs of life in the two hours I had been up.  He had woken up during the storm and had waited it out in the tent.  Together, we walked up to the office, and we talked to the women in the office and got our money back for the second night of our reservation.  She laughed and told us that the back sites back up to a railroad, and the explosion noises had been train cars running into each other from less-than-gentle handlers.  She said that some nights are really bad and some nights there is no noise at all.  Ben thought she was cute and eccentric; I thought she was crazy and maniacal.

And then it started raining again.  I sat in the back of the Jeep with the hatchback up while waiting it out.  Ben called his dad, who was not surprised to hear that New Orleans was miserable.  When the downpour slowed to a trickle, we packed up our soggy possessions as best we could and barely made the 12:00 checkout.

On the road, I talked to my dad, who was also not the least bit surprised to hear that New Orleans was miserable.  Apparently everyone knew that except for us.  Might have been nice to know ahead of time!

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