Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nevada: July 6, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben in the summer of 2003....

Day 29--Sunday, July 6, 2003

After folding our laundry, repacking the car, eating some breakfast, and saying our goodbyes, we were on the road again.  We had a 10 hour drive to Las Vegas, which was especially upsetting because Robert had assured us that it would only take five.  I drove most of the way because Ben has discovered a new obsession: the books of Raymond E. Feist.  He was having a hard time finding one of his own books that he could get into, so he started reading the Riftwar Saga just to pass the time at Carlsbad State Beach.  He got hooked and hasn't been able to put them down since!

The most frustrating part of the drive for me was the Hoover Dam, which I think we will refer to ever after as the "Damn Dam."  We sat in a barely-moving line in an overheating car for nearly an hour in order to get across.  The architecture was impressive, but definitely not worth the wait it took to get across!  I could find no conceivable reason for the holdup, and this put me in a pretty foul mood as we entered the gambling meeca of Las Vegas.

Checking into the Riviera Hotel and Casino was much harder than it should have been, since we entered by the wrong door and had to wander our way through the entire casino before finding the check-in desk.  When we got to our room, my exhaustion from my poor sleep in Tucson really caught up to me, and I considered taking a nap but settled for a bath instead.  Ben and I both changed into dress clothes, purchased that morning at a Gap outlet store in an outlet mall at ridiculously low prices.  Then, we were off to gamble!

Our youthful revelry didn't last long, since I didn't feel good at all.  After numerous trips to the bathroom, we gave up and walked down the strip to a Walgreens to get me some medicine.  We got dinner at a Quiznos in the food court of our hotel at 10:00, tried a bit more gambling, and then went to be dearly.  I felt terrible about my ill health ruining our fun in Vegas, but Ben told me not to worry about it and then immersed himself in his book.  Who needs gambling when you have an addiction like that?  ;)

13 / 40

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