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New Mexico: July 8, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben during the summer of 2003....

Day 32--Tuesday, July 8, 2003

In the middle of the night, we pulled up at a truck stop just outside Albuquerque.  We tried to share the mats in the back of the car to sleep, but the temperature was still in the 70s, and we overheated quickly.  I woke up around 4:30, dripping with sweat and very cranky that I had gotten less than two hours of sleep.  We sat out on the grass for a while, and then Ben started reading in the driver's seat.  We opened the hatchback to let in a breeze, and I slept stretched out on the mats for a few pitiful hours.

We showered at the truck stop and then got on the road again.  I was still very tired and looking forward to the prospect of a nap.  Our first stop was the Petroglyph National Park, where Ben got his National  Parks stamp.  We decided not to see the petroglyphs, though, because I still felt gross and all the trails were about two hours long.

We then proceeded onward toward Tinkertown.  It looked like a pretty questionable little place as we pulled in, full of every kind of collected junk imaginable.  And that was still our impression after seeing it.  However, it was cool in its own way--walls made of old bottles stuck longways on end in cement, collections of all kinds of miniature dollhouses and models, circus memorabilia, the pants of the tallest man alive, and a sailboat that took ten years to travel around the world.  Basically, it was a collection of junk that somehow managed to be interesting.

Ben made the drive from Albuquerque to Roswell, where we were immediately entertained by streetlamps with alien eyes painted on them.  Our primary focus was the Roswell UFO Museum.  To quote Ben, "It was the story as it REALLY was--basically, them claiming it was all true."  So it sounds like he was not so convinced.  The museum wasn't much to look at, but I found the typed testimonies by various witnesses of the alleged UFO crash in 1947 to be fascinating.  It really did convince me that there was truth in the stories of the crashes and that there had been a government coverup, but then, I guess I don't exactly see the government as "good guys" in the first place!  My other favorite part of the museum was the pictures of crop circles from all around the world.  They were so complex and so beautiful that I just don't see how any human could create them from the ground--you simply wouldn't be able to put together something like that!

Our other stop in Roswell was the Walmart.  We got an oil change while getting our photo memory cards burned to CD.  While we waited, Ben read A Darkness at Sethanon and I got a copy of Harry Potter from the book section to work on.  I'm determined to finish that thing without having to buy it!

I drove to Carlsbad while Ben continued to read.  We checked into the Holiday Inn and had some SlimFast for dinner so we wouldn't have to go out again. I wrote postcards; Ben read his book. I turned in for bed early; Ben continued to read his book.  I woke up in the middle of the night, and Ben was still reading his book.  I woke up later still, and he was fast asleep with the book still clutched in his hand.  Pretty cute!

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