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Michigan: July 22, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben during the summer of 2003....

Day 46--Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I still felt sick and had a pounding headache in the morning.  I also managed to wake up even before Dad.  I took some Advil and crawled back into bed and tried to sleep it off.  This was unsuccessful, and I still felt terrible when everyone else woke up.

Dad decided that enough was enough, so he loaded Ben and I into his car and we set off for the Manistee Hospital Emergency Room.  I didn't like the idea, especially if it involved needles, which I was pretty sure it would, but Dad wouldn't take no for an answer.  I was incredibly frustrated at how long it took to get through check-in, several nurses, and an hour of sitting and waiting before I actually got to see a doctor, who was rather rude and brisk and didn't actually tell me anything when she did come in and spent about 30 seconds with me.  The hospital rules only allowed me to have one guest, so Dad and Ben kept trading places at my bedside and in the waiting room.

In the end, my treatment consisted of having blood taken from both arms and then getting hooked up to an IV that felt like it took forever to drain into me.  All of this was incredibly painful--or at least it seemed that way to me, since needles scare me to death.  When most of my IV was gone, I had to do a urine sample and an X-ray, and in the end, the doctor concluded that it was neither the flu nor food poisoning, but some kind of bizarre parasite I had picked up on the road.

We had to stop at a pharmacy on the way back to Portage to fill my prescription for Cipro, which is also the medication used to treat anthrax.  Dad and Ben missed out on the PPI/Little Eden softball game, but they did get back in time for Dad to take my place as Ben's partner in the big shuffleboard championship.

I spent the evening resting in the room and trying to get a few more fluids in me while everyone else went to dinner at the restaurant formerly known as Mr. C's.  I can't even tell you how jealous I was when Ben got back and told me what everyone had eaten for dinner--it wasn't so much that I wanted tacos, or a burger, or whatever, as that I wanted to be able to eat solid food!

We spent the evening playing Scattergories.  FJ Crane joined us halfway through the game and jumped right in, although it took him a few rounds to get into the hysterical spirit the rest of us were displaying.

This was also the night when my normally reasonable father went insane.  Apparently, while he and Ben had been sand golfing the day before, they'd had a run-in with a very mean lady.  They had set up their hole on the beach and were working their way towards it when she came and set up her beach chair pretty close by.  Then, a few minutes later, her children came running down to play on the sand and set up uncomfortably close to the hole.  This upset them, but they decided to move the hole.  As they went to do so, the lady  yelled at them about how playing golf on the beach was not very responsible or respectful--"and stay out of the dune grass!"  Well, they hadn't been in the dune grass until then, but Ben made quite certain they went in often after that!  They also apparently had another bad experience with another woman who picked up their hole (a Frisbee) and walked off with it, and, when they chased her down to get it back, she threw it out into Lake Michigan rather than back to them.

At any rate, all of this put Dad in a rather strange mood.  He decided that the only proper course of action was to egg the house of the mean woman who had yelled at them about the dune grass.  At first we thought he was just kidding, but FJ soon jumped on board--it appears he has had quite extensive experience with egging, TPing, and forking back home.  Before we knew it, Dad and FJ had convinced everyone to change into their darkest clothes.  Ben somehow even managed to get me up and out of bed and convinced me to change into all black.  Ben was handing out his black and dark-colored clothing left and right, and FJ donned one of Kristin's sweatshirts.  Dad, meanwhile, refused to change clothes, but did put on the snorkeling mask and snorkel that we got in La Jolla and claimed this was perfect for an undercover mission.

We got as far as the parking lot, where Kristin gave us a huge package of toilet paper from her trunk--apparently FJ is not the only one who engages in this type of activities at home--and then promptly ran off with Carly to hide from her crazy family.  We didn't even make it as far as the dollhouses before a police car drove by, doing its nightly rounds, and Dad and Diane freaked out.  They decided to turn back, and I went with them, since I pretty much felt like I was going to fall over at any second.  Lindsay remained torn with indecision, while Ben and FJ ran down the road to Lake Michigan, cackling gleefully.

When they returned to the apartment, Ben informed me that they had been brave enough to each toss one egg at the mean lady's house, not even waiting to see if they hit before they dashed away down the beach.  Lindsay caught up with them after their escape, and that was the end of our night's adventures.

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