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Michigan: July 23, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben during the summer of 2003....

Day 47--Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Luckily, I was feeling a little better as I woke up, because Ben's family arrived from Elkhart today.  They were all eating breakfast in the dining room by the time I got up and moving, so I met them there.  I felt really awkward because I was still sick and dirty and gross and achy--definitely not vacation material.

After breakfast, Ben, Dad, and Tom took off to go golfing, leaving the girls to our own devices for the day.  We set up quite an army of chairs on the second story pavilion deck, and all the girls sat there sunning themselves for a while.  I couldn't last very long before starting to feel a little woozy again, so I went and sat in the apartment for a little bit.  Helen and Jill decided to go for a walk along Lake Michigan, and Diane and Lindsay set out to buy some ice cream at the casino.  Eventually, I got a Popsicle out of the freezer and went to sit with Diane and Lindsay in the shade of the front porch of the main lodge and visit with them.  Later, I found Helen and Jill sitting in the shade of the pavilion porch after they had finished properly burning themselves on the beach, so I sat with them and had some good talking too.

When to boys got back (Tom the victorious golf champion), we decided to have dinner in the dining room at the lodge.  Jill and Tom went back to their hotel in Manistee to get changed, and Helen hung out with us.  I felt slightly more human after showering, drying my hair, and getting dressed up all nice, although I did have to wear my denim jacket to hide the large amounts of needle marks and bruising on my arms.

I had a few bites of Ben's fries and chicken strips, and I also managed to eat some of the warm fresh bread, but for the most part, I sat there and watched everyone else enjoy steak night.

Wednesday is the traditional Bingo Night at PPI, so we all trooped over to the casino, got our cards, and tried unsuccessfully to locate somewhere to sit.  I actually really like Bingo, even though it was kind of hard to hear what spaces Jeff was calling out.  Dad, however, came over and mumbled something about "I'll never be so old that I'll enjoy this" and then took off with Diane.  A few minutes later, Ben's parents suggested that we go play some board games of our own, so I sadly left the game behind.  Once outside, Ben's family decided to return to their hotel instead.  After saying our goodbyes, Ben convinced me to join Dad, Diane, and Lindsay on the beach for a walk.

I don't think that two-mile loop from Lake Michigan back to the lodge has ever seemed quite so long.  I was tired and weak and was pretty sure someone was going to have to carry me back.  The scenery was very pretty though, with the moon and the stars shining in the dark night sky, and it did feel very peaceful out there to be enjoying it instead of sitting in the apartment.

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