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Michigan: July 24, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben during the summer of 2003....

Day 48--Thursday, July 24, 2003

My body must have finally decided that it needed sleep to recover from this weird illness, because I was out cold until after 11:00, and then Dad had to wake me up to let me know that Ben's family had been there for quite a while.  Since food wasn't really on my agenda, we all made our way down to Lake Michigan.  Spencer and Rita Swank had arrived for a few days at PPI, and Spencer was going to join Dad, Ben, and Tom for the great Sand Open.

Helen and Jill decided that they didn't really feel like watching golf all day, so they set off for Manistee to visit with one of Helen's friends from church, who also happened to be in Manistee at the time.  Kristin, Carly, and FJ set up their towels to maximize suntanning, and Diane, Rita, and Lindsay settled in to chat.  I took some pictures for the boys and then set up my towel between the two groups and settled in to read.

Lake Michigan was beautiful, but utterly unlike I had ever seen it before.  It was so calm that it might have been a bathtub.  Seagulls were floating on the surface sedately, and the waves, few and far between, weren't even big enough to ruffle their feathers.  After a while, Kristin and Carly decided to go out on their rafts since the water was so calm, and I decided to return to the apartment for "a little nap."

A little over three hours later, Dad and Diane had to wake me again.  Helen and Jill had returned from Manistee, the boys were done with the Sand Open, and everyone was getting ready for dinner.  I felt really awkward at having slept through most of the day when I felt like I should have been entertaining everyone else, or at least Ben's family--but it was clear that my poor sick body needed the sleep to recover from both my anthrax-like illness and the previous 47 days on the road.  I got in the shower and got ready as quickly as possible so I could socialize for a while before dinner.

We all went to dinner at the Blue Slipper Tavern in Onekama.  That place has really changed over the years!  I remember once when we went when I was in high school and had to share the restaurant with a biker gang.  Now it serves classy Italian food and a large variety of wines.

Dad got a hold of Brian on his cell phone on his way there, so I got to talk to him too.  He sounds like he's doing well in DC, enjoying his job, and maturing in the process.  It was really good to talk to him.

Dinner itself was great, although I couldn't eat more than two bites of my pasta after a huge salad and three different types of bread, two featuring cheese and garlic.  I think I ate more than usual, but since none of it was a main course, it didn't really feel like it.  Dad told the waitress that Helen's birthday was the next day, so she got a free dessert, and I think she was touched that someone had thought to do that (we refused to tell her which one of us had told).

Back at PPI, Ben and I settled in with Dad, Diane, Tom, Helen, Spencer, and Rita for "Dance Night with the PPI All-Stars" at the casino.  Basically what this meant was listening to a mediocre band playing blues while all of the males refused to dance.  We eventually got tired of that, and while Dad and Diane walked on the beach, Lindsay and I joined the Meyaard family for a game of Outburst, and then it was time for bed again.

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