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Michigan: July 26, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben during the summer of 2003....

Day 50--Saturday, July 26, 2003

This morning was a flurry of everybody locating and packing up their respective belongings to get out by the 11:00 check-out time.  Kristin and Carly were anxious to get home and see their friends--although this didn't really motivate them to get out of bed early!  I still wasn't feeling well, and my stomach hurt really badly, so I was moving pretty slow and eventually sank into the armchair and let Ben finish the packing.  Our goodbyes were quick because it was pouring down rain, and then we were on the road again.

Shortly after getting on the road, I picked up my voicemail from the last week.  I had several messages from Derek, so I called him first.  He dropped two bombshells on me: one, even if he didn't get a job, he was still moving out on September 1.  Two, Chuck and Crissy had gotten engaged and set their wedding date for June 5, 2004.

These two pieces of news created a crisis that lasted for the rest of the day.  With Derek moving out a few weeks after we get back, this threw my housing situation into complete disarray.  When are we going to look to buy a house?  Should we leave the dogs with Ben's parents and have me move into an apartment to save money?  The largest part of the problem was based on the fact that if I live in that icky rental house by myself, I'll be spending more each month than I make.  Ben offered to help me pay for everything, but I'm just not comfortable living beyond my means, especially at a time in our lives when we're trying to save up to buy a house.

Secondly, with Chuck and Crissy getting married at the beginning of June, this causes problems with setting a date for our wedding.  We were hoping for the weekend after that, but that just can't happen now if we want my Clan friends to be there.  Asking them to travel two weekends in a row is just too much, especially for those who have to come a distance, not to mention that we may end up having the same guys in both weddings and that is an awfully steep expense for them to keep renting tuxes.  Plus I knew that our budget was going to be on a strict budget, so I really wanted to avoid scheduling it too close to any friend's in order to keep myself from stressing out over the inevitable comparisons that I'm sure would come up.

Our entire day passed in a string of long debates and many tears.  Should we cut the trip sort now and return to Indy to save money?  Should we move our wedding to December to avoid the conflict?  What should be do about housing?  What was most important to us: trip, house, or wedding?  And all the while, I burned up with fever from my horrible sunburn and fought to find a comfortable position in the car.

During this tearful day, we arrived in Mackinaw City and checked into our campsite.  I tried rather unsuccessfully to nap while Ben thought about all of the things that are important to him.  We cried and cried and cried, interrupted only to a phonecall to get some Daddy advice, followed by more crying.  By the time we went to bed, we had decided that the best course of action was to pray about it and see what answer we had both received by morning.

Morning, however, was much longer in coming than we anticipated, as the four loudest and noisiest people in the world were camped next to us.  We crawled into our tent around 9:30, absolutely exhausted by our emotionally draining day, but they sat up around their campfire, drinking lots of beer and talking loudly, until nearly 3:00.  Around 2:30, Ben finally stormed out of the tent and asked them to be quiet.  This was mostly effective, and they turned in not too long after.  I remember feeling miserable and desperate as we slowly drifted off to sleep.

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