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Rhode Island: August 7, 2003

A continuation of the cross-country adventure I shared with Ben during the summer of 2003....

Day 62--Thursday, August 7, 2003

We packed up the car for the last time and got on the road.  Our first crisis of the day was that we had lost our ferry ticket back to the mainland.  This meant I had to spend an additional $10 to get a new one.  Ben assured me this was okay because we are eventually going to be rich due to his new job!

Back on the mainland, we drove to Providence, where we met up with David Babcock at the same Barnes and Noble on Brown University's campus where Damon and I met him on our spring break trip last year.  We got caught up with him while he ate a crepe for lunch.  We spent our afternoon doing quite a bit of maneuvering: getting our car to David's house, seeing the building where David's office is located, trying to get tickets to a sold-out show at a local comedy club, and checking movie listings at the Brown library.  This all eventually accumulated with us getting in David's car and driving to Boston to see "Pirates of the Caribbean."  David assured us that this is what all good Providence locals do for fun--go to Boston.

We had a great time getting caught up with him during the drive.  Once in Boston, we parked and took the subway (I love public transportation!) to downtown.  The movie theater was huge, two stories tall, and we managed to snap our 6:30 picture right before going into the show.  The movie was great, although I did have difficulties with some plot holes.  As we strolled through the rain after the movie, the boys assured me this was just because I was overanalyzing.

After realizing that we had no idea where the Let's Go-approved restaurants we had been discussing were located, we went into the nearest eatery, called the Beantown Pub.  The boys enjoyed burger variations, and I consumed a truly massive Greek salad while shouting to hear each other and make conversation over the bar's loud music.

Our drive back to Providence was done mostly through the rain.  By the time we arrived, Ben and I had deiced that instead of spending the night with David, we were going to press on through the night towards home.  Basically, we knew we weren't going to get a good night of sleep anyway because we wanted to get such an early start, and we wouldn't be able to hang out with Dave in the morning anyway if we were going to get right on the road, so we may as well just get a head start.  So off we went.

I drove from midnight until 5:00 through the pounding rain.  Ben slept the whole way, except for the brief moments when he started awake for no apparent reason before falling immediately back into a deep sleep. It was easier to keep alert than I expected because the rain took so much concentration.  I had one encounter with a crazy trucker, but other than that, the night went smoothly.  I wanted to drive until sunrise so Ben wouldn't have to wake up in the dark, but I didn't quite make it.  We switched around 5:00 and I went straight to sleep.

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