The List

1. Read 200 books.

2. Make a quilt for each of my kids.

3. Visit 40 states and tell the stories of something I did in each.

4. Hit and maintain my goal weight.

5. Be debt-free (except for our house).

6. Run a 5K.

7. Create a piece of art to hang in our home.

8. Take the kids to either DisneyWorld or Disneyland.

9. Take a class in something I am interested in, just for the fun of it.

10. Own our own home.

11. Go on a "grown-up" vacation.

12. Make lists of 40 things I love and appreciate about each of my children.

13. Have $4000 or more in savings (after #5 and #10).

14. Go on a missions trip.

15. Meet an author I admire face-to-face.

16. Take each of my children on a one-on-one trip (at least overnight) to a place that interests them.

17. Earn a masters degree.

18. Let a hair stylist do a bold cut on me with no instructions.

19. Learn to long-arm quilt.

20. Eat a salad made entirely of items I have grown in my own garden.

21. Perform in a play.

22. Go on 40 outings just for me.

23. Read 3 books in each of the following genres: art, business, history, politics, and science.

24. Write a novel.

25. Learn to crochet and complete a project I'm proud of.

26. Volunteer 40 times.

27. Learn to braid hair.

28. Attend 4 live musical performances.

29. Complete 4 Bible studies.

30. Get the Dunlap Clan together for a reunion.

31. Read one Christian book a month.

32. Watch and discuss the "Love & Respect" DVD series.

33.  Reduce my daily pill count by at least 4.

34. Read the entire Bible.

35. Complete 40 organizational projects.

36. Complete 40 creative projects.

37. Make time weekly to relax and refresh by spending time reconnecting with friends.

38. Create a family cookbook full of tried-and-true recipes that I'm not allergic to and the kids will actually eat.

39. Find my own role at Camp Tecumseh.

40. Read all the children's books we own to my kids.


  1. WOW! good luck with your 40 goals!!! Have a very happy birthday P. Luv and hugs mom R

  2. Great List! I look forward to reading/seeing/participating in accomplishing some of these with you!

  3. from Maria Maras via Facebook:
    Wow! This list blows me away. Because this is you, Amy, I KNOW you will accomplish it all...probably ahead of schedule!

  4. from Anna Webb via Facebook:
    Great list! I know you can do it. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  5. from Andrea Niermeier via Facebook:
    I need this in my life! Thanks for inspiring me today.

  6. from Andrea Elstro via Facebook:
    I offer my services to help with 1 (give recommendations), 6 (let's do this together!), 7 (does Wine and Canvas count?), 8 and 11 (if possible), 14 (let's do this together too!), 21 (I will come watch), 22 (trade childcare?), 24 (I want to read this), 27 (I can help if you just want a regular braid - if you figure out french braiding, teach me!), and 37 (I can definitely help with this!). Proud of you for making such a big commitment to things that will help you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally :)

  7. from Elizabeth Mottley via Facebook:
    You know I love, love, love this! Great list!

  8. from Kristin Faletic via Facebook:
    Holy crap, that's a hefty list! Go super woman, go!

  9. from Crissy Rice Hayes via Facebook:
    If you're ever in Dunlap at the same time as us, you could come over and we (rather Margaret) could help you with #2 and #19-she has a longarm in the basement (which has kinda turned into her own quilt shop/studio).

  10. I love this. Youre one of my favorite women role models. Thanks for being such an open, loving, beautiful human Amy

    1. Aww, Sarah, thank you! Love you so much!!